Bieber’s Paris Memorial Farce: Crocodile Tears For Publicity

Justin Bieber recently wrote a heartfelt tribute to his “friend”, Thomas Ayad, who recently lost his life in the Paris attacks, but an insider has come forward accusing the Biebs of being barely acquainted with Ayad. He even went as far to say that Ayad “despised” Justin, and thought he was a “douchebag”. The source, who claims to have been a longtime friend of Ayad elaborated further; “They were in the same industry, that’s all. It’s kind of nauseating how Justin has resorted to exploiting the tragic deaths of those he barely knew just to garner attention for his waning music career.”

During a recent album debut performance in Los Angeles, Bieber burst into tears before excusing himself from the stage. Most assumed that he was too distraught by the recent death of his friend to continue on with his performance, but our source had a different take on matters. “He’s really making a show of this, isn’t he? Pathetic. Justin and (Ayad) exchanged maybe a handful of words over the couple of run-in’s they had, and I can assure you that they weren’t tight pals like he’s attempting to portray. We thought he was a pompous turd then. His recent antics just prove us right.”

Our source didn’t mince words when it came to his opinion in regards to Bieber’s questionable shenanigans after such a horrific tragedy. “It infuriates me that he’s using this grisly massacre to gain attention for himself. You can’t go much lower. It really shows what a soulless opportunistic parasite he truly is. He could do something real, like donate towards the families of those who have lost loved ones and what have you. But instead he’s standing onstage shedding crocodile tears, pandering to the emotions of his fan base to sell as many records as he possibly can. It’s hideous.”

Bieber is scheduled to make several appearances across the US in the coming months, promoting his most recent release “Purpose” which came hot on the heels of the terrorists attacks in Paris.


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