Hindus Attempt To Violate First Amendment, Propose “Giant Monkey God” Statue On Oklahoma Capitol Grounds

Yesterday marked the day that yet another religious minority group demanded special treatment from the United States. A Hindu sect called the Universal Society of Hinduism made a request to the Oklahoma State Capitol Preservation Commission asking to have a monument of their own placed on Capital grounds, a giant statue of their demonic Monkey God named “Lord Hanuman.”
This request is a timely one, and adds to the growing list of religious minorities in the United States who are seeking to be treated above and beyond the average American, such as last week’s attempt by Satanists to get their own memorial added to the same grounds in Oklahoma’s Capital.

Despite the First Amendment protecting government property from endorsing or sponsoring religious freedoms that were not Christian, the Satanic religious group has won their plea to have a monument erected on capital grounds. This has opened the flood gate for even more religious minorities to request their own pagan Gods be represented on federal soil, as we have seen yesterday with the Hindu group’s application.

The Satanic monument will join the 10 Commandments monument that was built in 2012, after the GOP state legislature passed a law that allowed religious displays back in 2009. This law was of course only meant to allow Christian religions access to placing their own monuments on the property, but due to an unforeseen loop hole, Satanic and Hindu groups are now taking advantage of the legislature.

There is no word yet as to whether the decision has been made to allow Hindus their Lord Hanuman statue on capital grounds, but if the Satanists are able to get their request approved, there’s no telling where this slippery slope will lead us.


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  1. Do you… not understand the First Amendment? How can you defend a piece of legislature that was supposed to only allow Christian monuments? THAT is “special treatment”, which is unjust in a country that is supposed to afford its right of religious freedom and free speech to ALL. And you say minorities want special treatment! You idiot, they want EQUAL treatment. Christians get a monument, THEY get a monument. Equal. It doesn’t matter that they’re not the majority, that is the POINT.

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