Iowa’s Parental Fitness Initiative Panned By Residents

Judy Strauss is the Executive Director and coordinator of the Fit Parenthood Initiative, based out of Cedar Springs, Iowa. For the past two years Judy has made it her primary goal to mandate a law requiring all parents of children under the ages of 16 years old to be physically fit. Backed by several prominent law makers, she is close to seeing her dream finalized when Iowa Legislature votes on parental fitness tests mandatory for couples and individuals looking to have a child.Civic Tribune spoke with Mrs. Strauss on Monday and inquired her motivation and what she eventually hopes to achieve with this new law. She had the following to say:

“People don’t seem to understand that parenthood is a privilege, not a right. The numbers of children being born into homes where parents are inadequate is absolutely staggering. In many cases, we have unhealthy people who simply run rampant, producing several children that they are unable to care for on any level.”

“Foster care and adoption services absorb some of these costs but the overall damage inflicted by these unfortunate couplings is long-lasting and tangible. There has been several instances where adoptive parents do their best to raise a child in the correct manner, but the child’s genetic programming is too strong to ignore, regardless of efforts and investments of the adopter. It’s clearly nature over nurture in a lot of cases. These heartbreaking scenarios happens every day. We are simply trying to control the number of children born to adults who are biologically hardwired for failure, disease and addiction.”

The Bill has caused quite a stir in the Midwestern region and even gained country-wide notoriety after being parodied on Saturday Night Live. In addition to being slammed by several local politicians, the proposal is unwelcome by the majority of residents.

The program provides no-cost pregnancy termination services for those who have failed their parental adequacy tests. If a person refuses the termination, they may be forcibly arrested and detained until they comply with the protocol.


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  1. Someone is trying to play God. That’s just crazy. I have a daughter with downs and I wouldn’t have ever terminated my pregnancy.

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