News Team

Andre St. Pierre – Publisher

Andre St. Pierre is a publisher, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based out of Chicago, IL. Born in Paris, France to the late billionaire Jean Louis St. Pierre and Anais Antoinette-St. Pierre, Andre had a rich and cultured upbringing. During his adolescence, Andre attended Ermitage International School Of France before relocating along with his family to the United States. In 1982 Andre went onto attend MIT Sloan Management where he graduated at the top of his class in News and Publications. Andre’s late father Jean Louis St. Pierre published Civic Tribune until his retirement in 1989 at which point Andre took over as head publisher. After having already established multiple lucrative businesses on his own, Andre was prepared to pursue his true passion carrying on the family tradition presenting the hard hitting, truthful news editorials his family had become so well known for.

Chudasi Delhi – Editor In Chief

Chudasi Delhi is an acclaimed news reporter hailing from Karnataka, India. After moving to the Unites States in 2001 to expand his journalistic horizons, the then 29 year old Chudasi began working for the Missuri Walker and covered many important stories both locally and abroad. Chudasi has won several awards for his writing abilities both in his home country of India and his new home in America. These awards include the Sahitya Akademi Award and the coveted Bhasha Samman. Chudasi now writes for Civic Tribune in addition to contributing to TruthInk part-time.

Chaplin Sandusky – Hollywood Correspondent 

Chaplin Sandusky is an insurance claims rejector originally from Dover, Delaware. In recent years he has slowly infiltrated the Hollywood elite after his 2007 marriage to D-list actress, (name withheld at lawyers request). Chaplin is now divorced and currently resides in Eureka, California with his brother-in-law, Ian Ziering.

Rorrie Douglas – Senior Journalist

Rorrie Douglas is a lifelong resident of Chicago, IL a factoid he is quite proud of. Enamored by the hard boiled, front-line reporting of yesteryear he now works as Civic Tribune’s man on the streets. Rorrie Douglas earned a scholarship to the Chicago School Of Journalism and graduated with honors. In the past he has written for the Orange County Loader. In his spare time Rorrie enjoys watching true crime documentaries about murderers and sex criminals as well as black and white gangster movies from the 50’s.

Marshall Masterson – Copy Editor

Marshall Masterson is a Columbia University graduate, Boy Scout leader, and devout Mormon who spends his days writing, fishing, and fixing up vintage cars. In 2009, he had a near fatal heart attack and has been in rehab ever since. Be sure to keep him in your prayers.

Delilah Belmont – Senior Journalist

Delilah Belmont is a professional journalist and blogger, currently residing in Seattle, Washington. She is the newest member of the Civic Tribune staff, but has written for local newspapers in the Washington area, as well as her personal opinions blog titled “Delilah’s Devious Deliberations.”