Repeat Sex Offender Arrested Dressed As Woman In Trans-Friendly Restroom


James Moorles now prefers to go by Jamie, and identifies as a woman. The 56 year old Jamie has also been an avid supporter of trans-inclusive bathroom rights, and was recently a key figure in forcing several businesses to adopt the policy within their lavatories. Activist groups lauded Jamie’s efforts at the time as both “courageous” and “inspirational”.

Others have been more cynical about Jamie’s intentions, because there’s just one problem: James Moorles has been on the Hanna, Wyoming sex offender registry since 2005. He has been arrested two times for lewd and lascivious acts with females under the age of 10, and spent a 2 year stint in a medium security prison.

Jamie Moorles dresses as a woman full time, and claims to have started hormone treatments within the last few months. During a recent interview with the local Hanna, Wyoming paper, Moorles told reporters that she has been cured of the affliction which caused her to commit her former crimes, and now as a trans woman is unable to pose a threat to children.

“I just don’t have those kinds of filthy thoughts anymore” Jamie told reporters at the time “I’ve found out who I really am, and that’s a woman. You can’t stop me from using the restroom of my gender identity” she continued, “It’s the law now, I made sure of that.”

I spoke with the arresting officer for one of the two initial child abuse reports. Detective William Simmons of the Hanna, Wyoming Police Department was the first to respond to Moorles victims after one of the girls informed her parents of the abuse. Witnessing firsthand the the havoc Moorles wreaked on the innocent girl’s lives, he’s been unenthusiastic about Jamie’s rehabilitation, and shift in gender identity.

“I have had no doubt in my mind that Mr. Moorles would re-offend. It was only a matter of time. This facade was merely a ploy used as an avenue to continue his abuse of children. I do not believe his transgenderism is sincere.”

“Jamie Moorles” is now being held in the men’s complex of the Hannah, Wyoming County jail, despite protests–and is awaiting trial for a recent assault in, you guessed it, a public restroom. The victim’s name has not been released due to the fact that she is a minor, and currently no additional details of the attack have been released, pending trial.

Local LGBTQ activists and former friends of Jamie have been refusing to speak with reporters about the incident.

Detective Simmons had this final thought to add “If attacks like this continue, the trans community could have a very difficult time gaining the acceptance in public restrooms that they seem to want. People are going to hear about this, and they’re going to be mad, and that anger will surely lead to distrust.”


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