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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yellowstone Evacuated: Experts Claim ‘Super Volcano’ Could Erupt Within Weeks

yellowstone-caldera-super-volcanoYellowstone National Park has been hastily evacuated as fear of the Yellowstone Caldera’s eruption is deemed to be approaching sooner than previously expected. Researchers on-site claim that the 640,000 year-old super volcano has exhibited a sudden spike of activity which indicates that it could erupt in as little as two weeks. The explosion caused by the volcano would very well throw all of United States into a 200 year long volcanic winter, with ash blotting out the sun, and pyroclastic flow irreparably damaging the surrounding ecosystem.

Two weeks ago several roads through yellow stone were closed down after the pavement began to crack and bubble due to the extreme temperatures rising beneath the earth’s surface. No one has yet been able to pinpoint what has spurned this sudden surge of action. Officials monitoring the volcano are primarily concerned with keeping the curious out of the park, as well as safely vacating surrounding areas to prevent any potential casualties.

The scientific community is split on when exactly the volcano will erupt. Some say weeks, while other camps suggest that it could be several months. One thing they all agree on, however, is that it will happen very, very soon. Senior Volcanologist Richard Dunn gave the following report in regards to the volcano’s alarming activity. “This is something which could have never been accurately determined ahead of time. This unpredictable flux of activity is quite concerning, and flies in the face of all our previous studies in regards to this particular volcano. Our chief concern at this point is getting people to safety.”



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Chudasi Delhi

Chudasi Delhi

Chudasi Delhi is an acclaimed news reporter hailing from Karnataka, India. After moving to the Unites States in 2001 to expand his journalistic horizons, the then 29 year old Chudasi began working for the Missuri Walker and covered many important stories both locally and abroad. Chudasi has won several awards for his writing abilities both in his home country of India and his new home in America. These awards include the Sahitya Akademi Award and the coveted Bhasha Samman. Chudasi now writes for Civic Tribune full-time.

67 thoughts on “Yellowstone Evacuated: Experts Claim ‘Super Volcano’ Could Erupt Within Weeks

  • Eddie

    I do not wish to sound like an alarmist but this needs to be told. Do with it what you will. I am strongly suggesting that folks read Matthew 24. It’s Jesus telling His disciples about coming events in the end times. I think I need to tell anyone but the world has gone mad and evil is rampant all over the planet. A good soldier always prepares as best he can for anything that can be thrown at him. In reading this passage it will prompt the individual to consider a course of action that they can take. Terrible events are about to unfold and each of us needs all the information we can acquire. Again I am NOT trying to scare anyone but rather prepare everyone. It will take just a few minutes to read this chapter but it may be the most important thing you will ever read. The Bible says..”My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Don’t allow yourself to be one of those people !

    • April Luebbert

      You are nuts, lol. You aren’t scaring anyone because some of us don’t believe in the bible, and others don’t take it literally. End times? People have been preaching that for a thousand or more years. Everyone always thinks it is just around the corner.

        • Anonymous

          Be quiet lady. How many Christians have said it’s the end times. I’ve lived through 4 of them claiming The Lord was going to rapture them up and it’s the end times. For the last 35 yrs of my life you all say it every year! The scriptures were meant for the people 2000 yrs ago not now. They were talking about back then. That bible you read has been given to you all to keep you in check and submit for when the elites send their minions to kill you all. They know you won’t fight back. Just like what ISIS is doing now. They are all just going like sheep to the slaughter because they won’t renounce their made up religion. Good luck when ISIS comes for you

        • Anonymous

          Amen to that people better believe because Jesus is coming soon then they will wish they had changed their ways and read their Bible

      • Ian

        The bible aside, science has dictated that the world has faced several mass extinctions over the course of its existence. Four out of five of those has been due to super volcanoes erupting. Now I’m not one to quote scripture and I give little “faith” in something written and altered by the hands of man that claim to be of any god. That being said, the science backs up the mans warnings of possible danger and preparation, even if his methods of telling people don’t strike a chord with you. Time itself doesn’t end…but our time here might.

      • Ian

        Science has determined that four out of five of the mass extinctions that the earth has seen, was the result of super volcanoes. Now you might not take the Bible literally, or even believe in it…but the methods of his delivery not settling well with you doesn’t mean that the imminent warnings of danger aren’t sound.
        Something like this wouldn’t be the end of time itself, but the end of OUR time. As the most highly evolved species on the planet, we’re the first to go in case of anything threatening extinction. Things like viruses, bacteria and certain molds are the best chance at the next stage of evolution.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I agree with you and the lord is a forgiving Lord but the sins that are happening right before our eyes, well let’s just say sin is running amuck and everything is acceptable in our human eyes and our’e creator will not last long on this. The time is near and I look forward to his coming and then justice will be served. I’m a sinner who expects no grace but will die telling the Truth. that Jesus is the Lord and the Messiah and the son of GOD. I will happily go to hell telling of his love to you as I am a soldier and will give up my life for the Truth. Blessed be the Lamb of God

      • Anonymous

        yes the bible teaches us how to be good parents husbands how to forgive and love how to treat others how work be responsible how to tell the truth how to be gentle, kind, patient, good, and just how to be authentic. try it sometime it may just transform you into a better person. it did me………………………….

      • Douglas Deason

        He is right. All the signs are here. We live in the “season” that God has warned us of. We do not know the time or hour but we are warned of the season. As in Noah’s day so shall it be in that day. I believe. I have been worried about fracking in that area releasing poison into the water supply and air and causing seismic activity.

      • Douglas

        Just because you don’t believe the Bible doesn’t mean that people who do believe in it are “nuts.” There are many very good reasons to believe in the Bible. Just because people have believed the end of the age is near doesn’t mean that it is not now. Indeed, the fact that people like you are saying that is actually a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. 2Pe 3:3-4
        (3) First, knowing this, that there will come in the last days scoffers walking according to their own lusts
        (4) and saying, Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.
        If you don’t believe the end of the age is near, you need to open your eyes and take your head out of the sand:
        Thousands of animals dropping dead globally daily.
        Millions of fish dying globally daily.
        Rivers, seas, lakes turning blood red around the world.
        Unexplained “sounds of the apocalypse” and booms occurring around the world.
        2004 tsunami kills 1/4 million.
        Looming world war.
        Looming global economic collapse.

      • Anonymous

        Um u are dumb lady the book of Matthew tells u bout wat will happen at the end of time an then go read revaltions an it tells u how the world ends so u need to knock that stupid shit off

    • aramilus

      jesus is/was a nobody
      the whole christianity is a hoax..islam too..judaism is less hoax but still aint real
      its just another kind of system that contrlos the masses
      hopefully the volcano will not erupt at full power but if he will we arelooking at even darker times in earth history

    • Jimmy Wallace

      Until now at this very moment I really never considered the future and thought that no matter what I did the outcome would be the same. I cannot really convey the feelings at this time, but I clearly have an overwhelming sense of dread and the belief we’re in big trouble.

    • Hal

      well if you going to believe a book that was transcribed for a king and many chapters left out… then sure believe this… i have bridge in New York for sale too.

        • Theresa

          That is such garbage, you have drank the kool aid. The Bible said DO NOT ADD OR TAKE AWAY, and the King James version took 9 books away. The King James version is JUST that!!!! His version. He broke away from the church because they would not give him a divorce so he could marry a younger girl because he was tired of his older wife. LEARN YOUR HISTORY before saying something ignorant like you just did!!

          • Anonymous

            You need to study history. It was King Henry the 8th that broke the Church of England away from the Catholic Church because they would not grant him a divorce from his first wife. King James lived many years later and he was a Catholic by faith. He commissioned the King James Version for the Protestants in his kingdom. The translators were threatened by death if they miss handled the translation of the Bible into English. I respect your opinion but please respect others who follow and study the Bible and have come to know Jesus to be real and still very active in our lives and in the world. And if this volcano does erupt I know there will be many who will call on His name.

            • Anonymous

              Both wrong and right: Henry the 8th was, like St. Patrick given Papal dispensation “defender of the faith” for his debunking of Luther; while the various popes and anti-popes were fighting. He saw the vast amount of money and resources the Church had, and nationalised all such resources that refused to accept him as head of the church of England. Both James VI of Scotland and William of Orange had marriages with reformist and Catholics; The title House of Orange, was handed down to Archduke Willem of Orange, the Spanish Vice-Roy of Spanish Netherlands, it originates from the Holy Roman Family, common t French, Spanish, Prussian and Austro-Hungarian descendents of the 4 empires of Charlemaine (Orange-Nassau, named after the lands is a title of the Holy Roman Family, and is a title bestowed on the Merivingian line descended from the family of Jesus who settled in the South of France and North of Spain).

              William of Orange was the first Dutch King, and grandson of the Willem of Orange – members of the Holy Roman line wore Orange skulcaps, to show descendancy from Jesus, the Holy Bloodline. After 100 of living as a heretic state, despite several attempts to excorcise, Catholic moderates, reformists, Lutheran and other excommunicated orders, Protestants, Jews, Muslims and Traditional faiths all had freedom of choice in the Netherlands. They bred the orange carrot from Swede, Turnip and normal brown carrots for the event of the 100th anniversary; his first wife died in Childbirth, and some questione his orientation because hisproblems with his second wife – probably to fond of James’s daughter Mary, who he declared joint monarch with. James VI had also both Catholic and Luthan spouse. Hi first wife died from illness after an accident, some believe she succumbed to a plague when she was rundown, he was already commissioning the codex and translations of religious texts. Before the reformation it was an excommunication offence. Attempts to write and confirm texts caused “See of Reeds” via Greek to become “Red Sea” … in the time of Henry V – indeed Henry the 8th had various translations commissioned. The King James Bible is thus accepted as common standard by all mother churches – the Anglicans in the Catholic Church, the Church of England, and since the second Vatican Concili in the 60’s all Catholics, Coptic and Orthodox use it as bas standard. Original biblical texts were in diverse languages of North Africa and Asia Minor of the last 3500 years, such as Aramaic, common and religious Hebrew, Philistinian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Latin and Greek and some European languages; as a result no single scholar has been able to get and understand from original sources until the Dead Sea Scrolls caused a massive collections of scrolls to be discovered in caves by the Kunranists and near the Fortress of Masada. This has allowed people to compare and contrast Coptic, Iraqi, Turkish library and commonly held translations copied from the ancient library of Alexandria in Latin and Greek with contemporary texts of and around and before the life of what some may call Jesu’is Il’Naezareti (Jesus of Nazareth). Muslim scolars brought copied of ancient texts of maths, sciences, philosophy, religion, and history in their universities all across North Africa and Europe, without which we would not know some of the many lost Biblical texts, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Homer, and Leonardo Da Vinchi would not have old Greek and Egyptian robots and machines, flying machines, boats and diving devices, and advanced war-machines to read up on to try and rediscover how and why technologies lost with the Roman empire may have worked, and even improve on them. Study of old texts and their translation was the big buzz and indeed business as soon as the modern printing press was rediscovered. Commission of 100 texts, copied and done for those who had the money – no respectable leader or titled person would be allowed to have an estate without their own private library.

    • Tommy Brown

      Good for you Eddie for posting this. I was about to. At least they can not point their finger at you when they stand in front of GOD on their Judgement day and say they were not informed.

    • a "Scoffer"

      You and your lofty words. Step out of your castle of plastic and tin, go someplace we have ruined with our consumerism and tell me the world isn’t already destroyed.

  • marriah

    I’m not saying it won’t erupt but i live just outside of the park and it hasn’t been evacuated cuz they would have evacuated all of wyoming montana and idaho already..

  • Peter

    THe only thing you can prepare for is leaving the entire northern continent, has anybody ever thought about the H.A.A.R.P in alaska, and how miraculously the volcano starts up magically. the chem trails are in its peak, cause its part of the H.A.A.R.P and the U.S weather control, alls they have to do is blast a low frequency mhz into the ionisphere and target at yellowstone and bango, eruption, 7 mhz, is the human bodies frequency, a volcano is similar, I think its time to put obama to rest either with a new election or a bullet.

  • Franklin

    It was recorded to have gone off a few thousands years ago, dropping the entire planet’s temperature by quite a few degrees.

    It’s gone off at least once, it can go off again.

  • RJ

    It will as the scriptures say, Yeah this world have become mad because of the greediness among the businessman, the non-sense of racial differences, cultural beliefs, and other leaders who presume they are the most powerful. Few of us has this vision of “HEAL THE WORLD” But it seems many of them are busy with their own concerns rather than to work towards the cultivation of good seeds among themselves and start building a better Nation.

  • Damien

    So all this fuss and nothing on tv over here yet. They said it in the supervolcano film bbc that its like a breathing dragon the caldera, either its business as usual at yellowstone or something is going on! we are all aware that its over due so really its no big surprise.
    Lets hope its not the really thing!

  • jay

    Lookie what we got here a little activity from the works of hell well trust me when we I say this will be the first big volcano that never erupts just letting out steam and cleaning itself. Don’t be alarmed no one knows the time or day of the so called end look if its supervolcano that erupted before then why is earth let alone America still here…. I thought so so chill out and be safe.

  • Tara

    Crazies prepared for the zombie apocalypse already have a head start on their food supply… and that’s what’s concerning.

  • crisun

    Eddie stop talking about that story/kids book “the bible , koran and so on” just a sago bok in swedish if this happens has nothkng to do with a book or a god its an volcano

  • Arn

    This story has basically zero credibility. Yes the Yellowstone caldera is very real and poses a very real danger, but not in the next couple weeks or months or even years. Any reputable news sources would include the names of the experts and researchers involved in the studies as well as the location in which the research was done. Seismic activity around the caldera has been constant for hundreds and possibly even thousands of years, there have been spikes in activity and periods of diminished activity, none of these are signs of a pending eruption, just natural occurrences surrounding this type of caldera. If they can’t give the names and titles of their experts, then it’s quite likely that they do not exist. Senior Volcanologist is not a title or a position on a research team. Claiming that research was done by scientists and experts without giving names, titles and research facility locations is a ploy used by thousands of conspiracy theorists and satirical news sites, but never by reputable news sources.

  • Daniel

    …they Haven’t evacuated me yet and I’m sitting in the middle of it. Must be a terribly slow “hasty evacuation”!

  • Marie

    Why are there such ignorant people? i’m sorry,i believe in God but some people think when something erupts, “the end is coming”, if there’s an earthquake somewhere, “the end is coming”, seriously, get a grip. not everything that happens is related to the bible.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    the comment section for this article is the most entertaining tripe i’ve wasted time on laughing today. I can’t believe that literate people exist to make such idiotic statements. Thank you for the knee slaps.

  • Marcus

    I believe in god and everything, but for everyone or anyone who is saying that this is the end. Do you have anything else to do but than talk about the bible? Praising God and everything is fine, but throwing religion in every problem is not the answer all the time.

  • jason edwards

    You cant tell a yank god doesnt exist and religion is fake. its the number one money earner in usa.. all wars are started by the government but when someone dies they blame a god for it. if yellowstone does go bang it might wake usa up to the fact it needs to stop messing with underground bomb tests, fracking, Haarp testing, Magnetic experiments and polluting the earth with its fuel guzzling cars.The earth can only take so much punishment being dished out by man.

  • TrumpetCallofGod

    Thus Says The Lord: “His sheep are given up to the slaughter,
    Yet no one comes to aid them!…

    Behold, The Shepherd comes! And He shall gather!

    Behold, He shall also return in His glory!
    And He shall destroy all who have harmed His sheep!…

    Even all of them shall be tread down!

    In the winepress of the wrath of His fury, He shall tread them down! He shall be very swift and none shall escape! For the nations have raged against Me, and the people refuse to give glory to My name!… Yet of sin, THIS they uphold. Therefore, they shall perish with much shouting, until deep and heavy silence covers them, when the earth rises up and swallows them and the oceans wash them away.
    Behold, even in these lands, you call California and Nevada, shall it begin. For they have become as a great river… A RIVER OF SIN!… An unending source of abominations, murder and licentiousness! Even that, which Sodom and Gomorrah had done, pales, compared with that brought forth of them!

    Therefore, My beloved servants, blow this trumpet!
    Shout to the masses, in all manner of speaking and devices!

    For you hold The Key to Salvation in your hearts,
    And there He is within your understanding…


    Excerpt from – http://trumpetcallofgodonline.com/index.php5?title=Shout_His_Name

  • Anerek

    This whole website is rubbish. It appears they want to be like The Onion.
    All the lord, jesus, god, bible comments are rubbish as well.

  • Robin Of The West

    Oh yea baby – come on Yellowstone – you can do it – put Idaho and Montana into low earth orbit – couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of serial animal killers – call it KARMA !

    Did you happen to notice that the Nepal earthquake came just months after their mass animal sacrifice ?
    It appears their God wasn’t appeased with the offerings – just saying.

  • Cindy

    I am not a Bible thumper, a tree hugger or a believer of spells and witchery. However I have known for years that Yellowstone is a super volcano. The earth has erupted, shaken and been hit from space. I do not believe that this eruption is GOD’s wrath, it’s just earth moving on. Why would people think that a natural occurence in this country would be any worse than the same thing in any other countries. Do you all think we are anymore protected than anywhere else? I think you all need to realize that the earth doesn’t care who you are or what you have and learn how to love and appreciate those you have in your lives. Remember one simple thing. No one gets out of here alive


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