10 Book Series Every Middle Grader Should Read at Least Once

10 Must Read Middle Grade Book Series

10 Must Read Middle Grade Book Series gives you endless adventures, as if you can play a protagonist and immerse yourself in it, explore together now! With literally thousands upon countless middle quality books out there, it’s highly not likely that our kids are going to be able to read every phenomenal story in their life time! As a passionate reader, I know I’ve only barely scratched the surface of the world of publications.

If you’re seeking a great base to introduce tweens to a whole new globe of fiction- or simply want to assist build the utmost TBR list for them- check out 10 publication collection that every middle grader ought to read at the very least when in their life time … preferably in the past senior high school!

Middle Grade Book Series All Kids Need To Read

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Harry Potter


I’m a HUGE Harry Potter follower, so obviously this is number # 1 on my checklist! While there were plenty of center grade books before J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece ever before struck the shelves, I feel like she actually brought the classification to life. She motivated generations of tweens to grab a book, expand the limits of their creativities, and also desire big! Also grownups were watching out for our invitation to Hogwarts, confess!

The Harry Potter series isn’t simply an amazing enchanting journey, it contains favorable lessons for youngsters of any ages (including us kids at heart). It has to do with household and relationship, defeating difficult chances, remaining real to yourself. Concerning standing up to harasses and also backing your good friends up when they’re being teased. The collection has also inspired lesson strategies in intermediate schools! If your tweens review just one collection on this listing, make it Harry Potter!

Percy Jackson as well as the Olympians

Rick Riordan has actually composed several fascinating collection based on mythical gods, but the Percy Jackson and the Olympians collection will constantly be my favorite. Like Harry Potter, this series inspires our children to be real to themselves as well as to stand close to their close friends. It additionally educates them that with effort (as well as a good sense of humor), you can get over anything … even taking down the gods that created the gods (the Titans). Obviously, it additionally assists to have a pen that becomes a sword!

Journal of a Frail Child


Currently for something a little various, Diary of a Wimpy Youngster by Jeff Kinney is just one of the few middle quality book collection on this checklist that does not come under the dream character. Still, it does have a lot of the very same messages that make the other collection so purposeful.

Grey Heffley (the titular “wimpy” kid) is simply starting intermediate school, where the bullies are meaner, taller, and also already shaving. Undersized cowards like him don’t stand a possibility … or do they? Diary of a Wimpy Child prospers because many tweens can relate to Greg’s plight, which he shares in vibrant as well as humorous detail in his journal.

This is my boy’s all-time favored series. He has actually checked out all of the books at the very least two times. They’re sort of his “go-to” when he needs to bring a book someplace … or when our power goes out for days on end! Happens more often than I would certainly like here in the Poconos. The truth that he never ever obtains bored with re-reading them mosts likely to show just how interesting they are for tweens and also young teenagers!

City of Ash

The City of Coal series is an excellent “dystopian starter” series. It occurs in a post-apocalyptic below ground globe that is breaking down. Lina Mayfleet, the primary personality, in addition to her good friend Doon Harrow, comply with clues that the original contractors left behind. These ideas will certainly lead them to the outside world and educate them how to survive in it.

While the story is dystopian in nature, it’s not as extreme as several of the YA series in the exact same style. The Mayor of Cinder threatens to toss Lina as well as Doon behind bars, not compel them right into a “kill or be eliminated” arena! While I’m not one for censoring what my child checks out, if you have a tween curious about The Cravings Games as well as do not feel like they’re ready for the collection yet, City of Cinder is a great kid-friendly choice to satisfy their post-apocalyptic food cravings.

Inheritance Cycle

The Inheritance Cycle is what I would certainly call “high fantasy,” since it happens in a totally various world loaded with dragons as well as magic. Eragon, an inadequate young farmer, uncovers what he thinks is an invaluable treasure that will generate him a lot of money. Then the treasure hatches! Eragon realizes that he not only has to look after a baby dragon now, however he’s come across a fate that will completely transform his life forever. Is he approximately the task?

Eragon, the very first book, was made into a flick a couple of years back. However, it didn’t rather measure up to expectations, earning a plain 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I assumed it was all right! Not impressive, yet entertaining enough. I ‘d certainly suggest guides, though.

A Collection of Unfortunate Occasions


If you’re viewing this collection on Netflix, you certainly need to see where everything started! A Collection of Unfortunate Occasions by Lemony Snicket is disturbing as well as creative, amusing and weird! Absolutely nothing ever before appears to go create for orphans Violet, Klaus, and also Sonny! One point is without a doubt, when the writer warns you to ” Proceed, however carefully,” you understand you’re in for a bumpy ride!

One reason I ENJOY this series to much (and also you’ll see this in much of the collection I recommend): the major protagonists are so wise. In a globe that seems to worship ditzy socialites, it is essential to me to reveal my son that intelligence is still really, very great.

Artemis Fowl


Artemis Chicken is a millionaire criminal mastermind! He’s also only 12 years of ages! If you’re thinking “gee, I’m not so sure I want my kid obtaining any type of suggestions,” hold on a sec, all right?

This series is not just a must-read since it’s simply simple fun (and extremely well-written), however also due to the fact that it type of introduces tweens to the concept of mistaken hero. Artemis isn’t a criminal just for the benefit of committing crimes. There’s an extremely deep and also individual reason behind it. He’s trying to save his mother.

Where Artemis is a genius criminal mastermind, I have to claim that Eoin Colfer is a genius composing mastermind! He manages to compose exceptionally wise publications that are still conveniently digested by tweens with an attention deficit disorder.

His Dark Products


His Dark Products by Phillip Pullman is probably one of my all-time favorite dream middle grade books. The collection commonly shows up on outlawed book checklists across the US. Actually, it made the suspicious difference of being the # 2 most outlawed collection!

Why all the prohibiting? One word: magic. The tales are full of witches, chatting bears, as well as magical experiences. It does not assist that Pullman himself is an atheist, and those that wish to outlaw him see his collection as kind of an atheist primer. Absurd, truly. It’s just an incredibly stunning experience collection! I assure your kids won’t come to be atheists after reading it!

I’ll state this, though: His Dark Materials is absolutely for older tweens. I would certainly state around 7th or 8th quality, unless your kid is an innovative visitor. It’s not so much that the motifs are tailored in the direction of older children, but that the writing is a little bit a lot more intense. Spectacular, but intense.

Chronicles of Narnia


It may appear strange to have The Chronicles of Narnia follow His Dark Materials, as both writers get on full contrary ends of the spiritual range. I’ll be honest here, I’m not a spiritual person, so I can not associate with the not-so-hidden importance throughout C. S. Lewis’ most renowned series. That’s all right, though. You don’t have to register for a particular mode of spirituality to appreciate The Chronicles of Narnia, or to remove a positive message from it.

Little Residence

Now for something completely different, The Little House collection by Laura Ingalls Wilder was one of my faves as an intermediate school child! I still have my boxed set from all those years ago (I’m not mosting likely to inform you the length of time ago that was, but let’s simply claim I remember when Madonna first came to be a Product Girl).

I believe the series is much more vital in today’s busy, modern globe. It offers us a better recognition for all the developments that we have as well as encourages children to visualize what life resembled before cellular phone, the web, or perhaps before electricity as well as automobiles!

As I pointed out above, my power goes out if a squirrel so much as sneezes within 50 feet of a power line. My great love for Little Residence has obtained me through some actually dark times (literally)!

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